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Make your life easier with our highly durable and best quality recreated assistive equipment. Health Vision has created equipment for your daily life activities so that you can access everything you want without any type of problem. We have recreated the assistive equipment for your sleeping, sitting, toileting, travelling, eating, and walking activities. All equipment are NDIS approved and funded by them and we provide these to you according to your disability and need.

As we know that the people having disabilities whether they are partial or permanent, it is quite difficult for those patients to use same type of household items or vehicles, chairs, beds, toilet commodes, bath tubs etc. As NDIS provides funding for its support package holders who suffer from various types of disabilities. And along with the great schemes of NDI, we the Health Vision, provide wonderful and uniquely designed equipment Under which, we provide recreated chairs, beds, tables, commodes, wheelchairs, electronically working wheelchairs, bath tubs, sofas.

At Health Vision, we welcome all types of disabled clients having NDIS membership. As this is the main requirement to get all types of disability support services in Victoria. And if you do not have this membership, then no need to be worried, Health Vision also help you apply for NDIS support packages and once you become a member of the NDIS support package, we provide you with the support you need.

We use high quality material to recreate the assistive equipment so that our client could not suffer anymore. As our client’s satisfaction is our first priority and by testing our quality equipment, NDIS also refer their community member to approach us for any type of recreated assistive equipment.

Therefore, if you meet the requirements of NDIS schemes according to the package. Health Vision will provide you assistive Equip-Recreated items such as beds, chair, vehicles, tables, commodes.

For any other information, call us anytime, we will be happy to assist you.

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