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Assistive Prod-Household Task

If you are suffering from any type of disability but you want to do your household tasks on your own, then Health Vision Services is there to support you with our easy to operate, assistive products for all types of household tasks. As we offer these products to all our NDIS support package holders.

Here, at Health Vision, our first priority is to make our client’s life easy to live. Here, we let our clients forget about their disabilities, as we provide them special types of assistive products for their household tasks. So that they could get additional accessibility to interact with the technology independently.

For example, there are a number tasks get occur in a house or in the various parts of a house like kitchen, living room, washroom, garden etc. So Health Vision provide you easy to access household task products to make your household tasks easy to end-up. The NDIS has issued a list of various types of tasks which can be performed by people having various types of disabilities.

So according to the NDIS guidelines, we have gathered various types of assistive products for various types of household tasks such as and not limited to, cushions, gloves, automated cutters, modified chairs, modified commodes, modified vacuum cleaners, automatic cookers, specially designed washing machines.

All of the above mentioned products, can be easily accessed by various types of disabled people, whether they are partially or permanently disabled. The reason is, these products are equipped with high tech software and voice assistant functions so that any type of disable person can easily perform household tasks without being dependent on anyone.

Here, we welcome all the NDIS support membership holders and support them to get our best quality assistive products to perform well in their household tasks according to their disabilities.

As we first examine their disabilities and match it with their membership package and accordingly we provide our valued clients assistive products to make their life run smoothly independently.

Therefore, if you have any type of query or requirement of assistive products, you can call us on the given numbers. We will surely satisfy you with our best disability services

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