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ENT specialists are provided by taking our finest quality hearing equipment recommended by NDIS. As all of our services are NDIS funded and you should be eligible by having NDIS support packages.

Health Vision is one of the best hearing equipment service provider in Victoria, as we help our clients who are partially or permanently deaf, and whatever is the age they belong to. We put our pure efforts to make their life go better independently. Whosoever want to take hearing services along with equipment, should be an NDIS support package holder.

And if you do not have this type of support package, we will help you to apply for NDIS support package. Once you become the package holder, Health Vision will always be there for you with the best hearing equipment.

As NDIS is funding for the eligible people suffering from deafness whether it is partial or permanent. We, the Health Vision is satisfying our patients come to us having NDIS package, with our high quality hearing equipment like:

  • Digital microphones
  • Instant Alert Systems like doorbell, baby cry, smoke alarm etc.
  • Digital FM Systems
  • High quality Bluetooth accessories
  • Digital Hearing aids and accessories
  • Remotely controlled devices
  • High-tech TV streamers etc.

Therefore, if you want to get better hearing service in Victoria, come to us with your NDIS membership card. We give surety that the services you will get from Health Vision, are second to none. You will get high quality hearing equipment with guaranteed results, as we have maintained our service and product standards.

Thus, make best use of your NDIS membership and visit us or call us on our given numbers. We will be happy to support you and provide the utmost best service we can provide.

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