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If you want to get a permanent or temporary attendant for your daily care and to do other household tasks, then Health Vision is always there for you. We have a great team of well trained and educated attendants, also nursing staff which make your household tasks complete and hygienic.

Health Vision provide various types of household services to our NDIS membership holders having various types of disabilities. As our major objective is to make our clients’ life smooth and healthy, we never let our clients stuck in their household tasks and always have someone to help at your feet.

Therefore, if you are suffering from any type of disability whether it has cover you partially of permanently, and you have NDIS membership package. And you want a temporary or permanent household task assistance, then contact us and our specially trained caretaker will assist you and provide you full assistance in your household tasks.

Here, we cover various types of household tasks as follows:

  • We perform dusting and cleaning tasks like bed cover changing, room cleaning etc.
  • Our attendants make your rooms, kitchens and washrooms clean hygienically.
  • Our provided caretakers also wash your clothes and bed covers hygienically to keep you away from dirt and germs.
  • We also do vacuuming of your complete house and vehicles on time to time basis.
  • Our attendants wash your floor and garages by using anti-germ detergents and disinfectants.
  • We also provide well trained cooks to provide you healthy and delicious meals, as they also train you to cook desired food, if in case you want to do cooking etc.
  • Our caretakers also take you for shopping and parks to make you feel relaxed and happy.
  • Here, you need to mention everything before taking our household services in Victoria that what type of services your need according to your disability and NDIS membership.

The above mentioned services are available for all our NDIS membership holders and Health Vision always be there for its valued clients to make their life smooth and easy living.

For any other queries and information, call us on given numbers, we will give you immediate response.

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