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What Medical Services do we Offer?

On this page, you can find all of our services list. To get more information about any service please click on the read more button as we have in dedicated pages for all the services we offer.

Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety

If you need any type of assistance or we can say personal care/safety products like customized beds, customized commodes, multipurpose sticks, modified vehicles, power wheelchairs etc.

And if we talk about personal assistance, you will find us as the best personal assistance providers in Victoria under NDIS support packages. Because our specially trained personal assistance staff give you warm care, personally.

Comms & info Equipment

We are the best communication and information equipment providers in Victoria. Till today, we have satisfied thousands of NDIS community members by providing them premium quality comm & info equipment like radio devices, microphones, wireless comm equipment etc.

Hearing Equipment

Make your life fully sounded with our finest quality hearing equipment. Health Vision has great ENT specialist for you to make you able to listen to the World, as we are the best hearing equipment providers in Victoria.

Personal Mobility Equipment

Health Vision give your life full mobility to access anything you want to, as our NDIS recommended high tech personal mobility equipment make your life smooth and relaxed.

We provide power wheelchairs, multi-functioning bed, power chairs, vehicle pads and slides, modified scooters etc. All of our personal mobility equipment are NDIS funded and you do not need to be worried about funds, as you should be an NDIS support.

Vision Equipment

If you are visually impaired and looking a NDIS funded vision equipment, then Health Vision is the only place where you can get premium quality vision equipment. Here, all of our services are NDIS funded and available for NDIS community members who are visually impaired.

Assistive Prod-Household Task

To live independently with disabilities you need to have some special types of assistive products which could make your life easy to live. We are an NDIS partners known for providing best quality assistive products to make your household task get done smoothly.


Do you need personal assistant or transport which could be there for you all the time to take you for shopping, roaming, traveling and for meetings etc.? As we provide travel and transport assistance for NDIS support package holders in Victoria.

We offer specially trained assistants who will always be with you like your shadow and assist you for everything you want or access.

Household Tasks

We provide highly trained and professional assistants for our NDIS support package clients having various types of disability. Here, we assign our staff according to your disability, as our assistants are trained to do all types of household tasks and will they provide you warm care.


Healthy Vision is known for providing Victoria’s best interpretation and translation services funded by NDIS. We provide these disability support services to those having speech and hearing impairment, as we welcome NDIS community members need interpretation and translation services with personal care.

Community Nursing Care

If you are suffering from any health issue, body injury or accident and looking for community nursing services funded by NDIS, then Health Vision is there for you.

We provide individual nursing care to our clients having any type of disability, as our specially trained and experienced nursing assistants give you warm care to make you fit and fine.

Assistive Equip-Recreation

If you are having any type of disability and you are an NDIS community member, then we will make your life easy and smooth. So that you could do anything you want as a normal human being do.

We provide you NDIS recommended recreated equipment which assist you to access sound sleep, eat well and to use toilet easily, to do household tasks and to travel outside etc. We provide recreated beds, chairs, wheelchairs, commodes, electronic devices to communicate and to navigate etc.

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