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For our fully and partially visually impaired clients, Health Vision is always there for you at your door steps with our finest quality vision equipment. Clients having vision disability completing tasks properly by using digital vision equipment like drawing, writing and image labellers etc, recommended by NDIS will provide you with tools to complete tasks more efficiently.

We at Health Vision, provide finest quality eye care and specialised Vision equipment. For Visually impaired clients, we provide drawing and writing equipment for permanently blind clients, digital audio labellers, braille printers-(desktop and portable), CCTV electronic magnification units, image-enlarging video systems, digital magnifiers, braille embosser- notetaker, digital sound recording, playing devices, tactile sticks/white canes, and word processing software for alternate access-vision for computer activities like writing and reading.

So if you are having any vision related disability and you need a special type of equipment to make your life easier, then call us today.

You just need to have NDIS membership and the rest of the activities our experts will perform, as we have qualified staff and finest quality vision equipment. And according to your disability examination report, we will provide you with vision equipment to make your life full.

For any type of query , you can call us on the given numbers, we will be happy to assist you. If you do not have NDIS membership, we will also help you to apply for it.

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